A Creature of the Night

With silent pad and sheathed claw, the leopard is a creature of the night. Even in the dark they roam alone.

As a professional African wildlife photographer, I think I have spent more time photographing leopards than any other creature. Whether working on a portfolio for the BBC Wildlife Magazine or leading Africa leopard safaris and predator workshops since 2009, tracking African leopards is a favourite pasttime of mine.Working with leopards is however kind of like being a pimply teenager, and living next-door to a supermodel. Your neighbour is so beautiful that you can scarcely bare to look, and when you do; you usually just catch a fleeting glimpse of them arriving or leaving. Occasionally you might think that you are making eye contact and just as you are about to smile and wave, or take a photo, they melt into the night – leaving you feeling sheepish and insecure. If leopards are the supermodels of the bush then I must admit that I am a stalker! This collection of portraits, collected over a period of 12 years, and thousands of hours spent with leopards, are my personal favourites.

If you would like to join me photographing leopards in Africa then please do sign up for this Africa photo safari in the form of a predator workshop. Alternatively you can book this private leopard photo safari anytime, with me as your private safari guide.

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