Africa in Black and White

Welcome to my black and white wildlife prints page, filled with limited edition (1 of 50) black and white animal photography prints. ‘Less is more’ is one of my favourite photographic adages and one I apply regularly as a black and white wildlife photographer.

Wildlife photographers often apply this saying in reference to photo gear or composition, but compiling this gallery of black and white animal wall art, I realised how true it is also of black and white wildlife photography. In fact, black and white wildlife photographers take the visual noise of colour away, and black and white wildlife art is both timeless and authentic. Black and white wildlife photography illuminates the soul of the subject, allowing them speak from beyond the shadows.

Black and white wildlife art is to me a profound mystery and perhaps even a miracle. Enjoy browsing this gallery of African black and white wildlife photography consisting of only black and white animal photography prints.

African wildlife photographer bio and article.

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