Africa in Pano

Panoramic wildlife prints: Panoramic photography, or pano photography as any panoramic wildlife photographer likes to call it, has been around since almost the very beginning of photography and panoramic photo prints are still as popular as ever.

The panoramic wildlife prints in this ‘Africa In Pano’ gallery all have a length that is at least double their width. This panoramic photography format is simply divine because the panoramic photo prints accentuate the scene, creating a sensual freedom for the eye to explore the panoramic wildlife print. If you have spaces in your home or office that are long and narrow, then panoramic photo prints are the perfect fit!

In this fine art wildlife gallery I, as a panoramic wildlife photographer, invite you on a panoramic journey through Africa with me. If you need to know the exact dimensions of any panoramic photo prints, then please do fill out the print enquiry form at the bottom.

Panoramic wildlife photographer bio and news article.

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