Autumn in Africa

Africa has many wonderful treasures, but drastic seasonal change is not one of them. Africa autumn wildlife photos are therefore largely non-existent. In many parts of the continent there are not all four seasons. In fact, there are only two, and it is more accurate to describe the time of year as being ‘wet’ or ‘dry’, rather than to use strange words like ‘fall’ or ’spring’. Unlike more temperate corners of the world, in Africa spring is fleeting and fall is often barely noticeable. Summer is long and green, winter is short and brown.

Many years ago (10 years to be exact), I began working on a body of work that would depict Africa fall wildlife photography. Not only is fall barely existent but being a wildlife photographer, not a landscape one, I had to find an obliging subject to stand within my rare and fleeting autumn landscapes. Perhaps this is one explanation as to why it took me so long to put this GDT Boutique Africa Gallery together. Of course the other is that I am, as are all artists, pedantic!

As far as I know, this is a world first: An Africa autumn wildlife photo collection! It therefore gives me great pleasure to present to you Africa In Autumn.

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