Feathered Friends

Colourful, happy, busy, beautiful, bright… birds make the world a better place. Dazzling us with splendid colours and possessing the one ability we wish we had, the power to fly; birds are avian butterflies dancing through the sky, and through our hearts. This collection of African bird photography is in celebration of birds.

As an African wildlife photographer I spend most of my time tracking down subjects that possess tooth and claw, but birds are my constant companions and delight. Wherever I go I look at birds and although I enjoy African bird photography, I don’t go anywhere without my binoculars. As colourful as birds are, I fear that the camera is unable to record their most colourful trait – their song! Bird calls are my favourite part of the bush, rich in melody and choirs of cheer beyond measure.

This GDT Authentic Africa gallery is solely devoted to our feathered friends and contains a selection of fine art bird prints; each communicating the colour and wonder of our avian companions. Each also hinting at the mystery of our feathered friends, perhaps God’s greatest invention. Enjoy this gallery of African bird photography and click on each to enlarge…

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