Secret Savannah

Giraffes are such tall creatures, the tallest in the world in fact. For this reason they tower above every landscape. In this boutique gallery I change all this…

It was almost slap-bang on the equator when one early morning I saw a giraffe-like ghost on a grassy plain in the savannah. It was still dark when I climbed out the safari truck and stalked closer. Lying in the grass some distance from my subject, the giraffe was completely obscured by the grass. Not giving up, I soon realized that by changing my shooting angle ever so slightly, I could capture the tall twiga (giraffe in Swahili) between the grass stalks. This unusual angle then naturally lead to a more artistic style whereby after focusing through the grass, I decided to focus on the grass itself. My giraffe became an out of focus silhouette as the twilight blues morphed into warmer tones with the approaching rising sun. The savannah is full of secrets, able to hide the tallest land mammal on earth.

Every print in my GDT Boutique Africa galleries is 1 of only 50 and available in medium and large.

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